February 15,  2014

Survey Scale:  5 = Highly Satisfied

                         3 = Satisfied

                         1 = Dissatisfied

How would your rate the ceremony?  
5, for sure. Well done, I didn’t feel the burden of stress, it was all led and organized so well. The words spoken were really beautiful and fitting, it felt like all the right things were said and it went seamlessly.

Did you think your package was fairly priced?
5. I looked over the internet prior to choosing Barefoot Maui Wedding & Vow Renewal. Your company had a great website, easy to extract pricing and packages and I really loved the pictures and video provided of previously done ceremonies.

The pricing is great I think, especially considering the quality of the service and everything provided. Other companies seemed to be priced quite higher, or offer quite a bit less comparatively. And the photo or video services elsewhere seemed to be something that the customer would have to coordinate.

I liked how simple it was to select everything we needed. My husband I and were on the fence at first about adding extras on like the ukulele player and the edited DVD, but hands down, it’s priceless and I’m so glad we elected to make those part of our package.

How would you rate the assistance you received by phone and/or email?
5. It was great, we always got a response back right away. Very pleasant and helpful. The first email I received which was to help explain what is offered was great because it was so informative and gave such a good understanding of locations, options, suggestions, etc.

How satisfied were you with receiving free copyright use to develop your own images?
5. I thought that was a great touch. A lot of people love to make photobooks, or share pictures via social media. And having all the pictures and the rights to use makes this experience something we can share and be creative with.

I printed out tons of pictures the day after we got back from our trip to Hawaii, and it really warms up our home. It’s great that we receive every print, none excluded. I love them all!

Any additional comments you’d like to add:
I think you do a fantastic job. I felt there was an honest effort to provide the best quality. Everyone we worked with was very kind and professional. I got a sense right away that everyone was very skilled in what they were doing, which left us to just enjoy the beach and the time with one another in our ceremony.

There was a depth of sincerity to every aspect of the ceremony, and it’s hard to find that in a business these days. My family now has a wonderful memory of our vow renewal in Maui. I highly recommend your company for a wedding or vow renewal, it was done perfect from start to finish.

We can’t stop watching our video montage, it just takes the memory to another level. I can’t imagine not having done that part, it would be so tragic to not have it on video. And as much as people assume that they can purchase just the video (un-edited) and do some editing themselves, most likely it’s not going to look anything like the editing that Brian did, and most people don’t have the programs to produce something like that themselves.

I really liked how he had us do specific things, poses, etc with the video montage in mind, it sets up great footage for the edited DVD. My advice to anyone booking a ceremony is you MUST do the DVD! It’s worth it!!

Same goes with the ukulele, that was amazing. Wayne was very good, has a great talent and a great personality. What an amazing experience to be on the most beautiful beach, with my family, listening to “White Sandy Beach of Hawaii”. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

The details in the ceremony were special, I loved the heart in rose petals, the ‘just Maui’d’ written in the sand for one of the pictures, the big shell that my kids delighting in getting to make sounds with, sand ceremony, and the words spoken in the ceremony.

I loved the words about friendship and the value in choosing to re-new vows.

Again, thank you very much, it was top notch and we’re very glad we chose your company. We’re happy to recommend you anytime!