Maui Wedding Renewal Bouquets, Leis, & More

Available as an add-on with any of our packages.

Large Group Fees of  16 or more fees 

16-20 guests $100

21-30 Guests $200

31-40 guests $350 

Photographs (50) $250

Photographs (100) $350

Photographs (150) $550

Edited HD Wedding Video $550 ~ pls inquire about availability
2 camera recording of the ceremony plus video/photo highlights montage edited to music of your choice at the beginning and end of ceremony footage. Video file available within 48 hours as a downloadable file from your own personal webpage. Save the file to your personal computer, and share the webpage link with family and friends so they can see your ceremony!

Boutonnieres $30

Boxed Cake (to take with you, serves up to 8) ~ $100

  • White or chocolate cake
  • Filling options: custard, raspberry, chocolate buttercream, vanilla buttercream, or cream cheese

Cake & Cider (served on the beach, serves up to 8) ~$135 

Served on a folding table with linen tablecloth & cutlery, and sparkling cider served in fluted glasses 

Cake & Cider Served on Beach ~ $130

Folding table with linen tablecloth $20

Deluxe Circle or Heart (Whole Flowers) pls inquire about pricing

Classical Harpist $250

Release of 12 Butterflies ~prices and availability are subject to change, at least 6 weeks advance ordering is required, please inquire

Release of 10 White Doves~pricing and availability subject to change, please inquire

Dove Release prices vary ~ please inquire

Dove Release
prices vary ~ please inquire

Sand Ceremonies Please Inquire

Hair & Makeup Please Inquire

Hawaiian Dancers, Please Inquire


Maui Wedding Renewal Bouquets, Leis, & More September 3, 2013