Why Canadians Choose a Maui Vow Renewal?

People from Canada love to come to Maui to celebrate their wedding date. A Maui vow renewal is a beautiful way for couples to celebrate their commitment to each other. Some Canadian couples even choose their anniversary date as their renewal date.

Canadians vow renewal couples like to celebrate their commitment to each other because on their wedding date it was stressful and the oftentimes felt that some of the things they were doing were more for their family, and guests then for themselves.

Having a stunning morning or sunset ceremony on a beautiful Maui Beach is one of the most spectacular memories many Canadian couples have in their lifetime.

We so often have Canadian couples tell us that they were looking forward to their Maui vow renewal but their expectations could not prepare them for the Aloha joy-filled wedding celebration that we perform. we were just talking about how much we enjoy weddings but both Shane, and I had to agree that we have a very special place in our hearts for celebrating the marriage of wedding couples.

Often there are children or just as often adult children that accompanied the couple and they turn it into an unforgettable heirloom experience.

Some will even request ukulele musician to play beautiful Hawaiian music. Popular songs like over the rainbow by IZ is a favorite among many of these couples.

We blow The Conch Shell along with an absolutely wonderful lei ceremony. And in fact, we have created a ceremony similar to the unity candle ceremony in which instead we use a sand bottle representative of how the couple’s lives are joined together and oftentimes and includes their children. It’s a great way for adult children or young children to be a part of the ceremony and share in the celebration.

We love it when our Canadian neighbors from Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Quebec come to celebrate their Maui vow renewal with us.

Why Canadian’s Choose a Maui Vow Renewal? August 18, 2020